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Everything in this world is relative, my dear Watson.
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파트너 (相棒)
Booksellers’ 100 Favorite Mysteries of the Twentieth Century.
Agatha Christie's Miss Marple ( TV series)
Agatha Christie's Poirot (TV series with David Suchet)
코난 미스테리 투어 (コナン ミステリーツア)
일본추리작가협회상 (日本推理作家協会賞)
Golden Age Mystery Authors
내가 좋아하는 탐정들, 또는 콤비 (만날때마다 업데이트)
100 mysteries & thrillers to read in a life time (from Goodreads & Amazon USA)
긴다이치 고스케 (金田一耕助, Kosuke Kindaichi)
순전히 주관적인, Kel의 미스테리 베스트 (작성중)
Jack Reacher (of Lee Child), perfect hero for Kel
Sherlock Holmes' Cases by chronological order
검찰측 증인, Witness for the prosecution :original story, adapted play and a movie in 1957
Michael Connelly : reading references
Ten Crime Books You Have to Read Before You Die (by John Connolly and Declan Hughes)
끊임없이 재생산되는 ‘셜록 홈스’ 외전의 세계 (한겨레신문)
************* 미스테리, 어디까지 읽었니 (정리중)*************
Alfred Hitchcock's Filmography
First Detective in real, Vidocq
(100인의 추리작가가 선별한 100대) Thrillers (David Morrell, Hank Wagner 편집)
본격미스테리베스트 + 본격미스테리대상 (일본)
LOCI's Detective Goren : Modern time Sherlock Holmes
100 Best Characters in Fiction Since 1900
[마스터 앤 코맨더] 참조자료
Edgar Awards
마쓰모토 세이초의 [10만분의 1의 우연(十万分の一の偶然, 1981)
Jeremy Brett, forever Sherlock Holmes
My Agatha Christie Collection
The Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time, by Category (The MWA Mystery 100 List (1995))
Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time (The CWA Mystery 100 List (1990))
Malice Domestic Agatha Awards Nominees and winners

Booksellers’ 100 Favorite Mysteries of the Twentieth Century. | - Mystery suspense Thriller SF Horror 2018-02-12 17:39
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Author Title Year Series Character(s)

Allingham, Margery The Tiger in the Smoke 1952 Albert Campion

Ambler, Eric A Coffin for Demetrios 1937 Charles Latimer
디미트리오스의 관

Armstrong, Charlotte A Dram of Poison 1956
독약 한방울  
Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity's Death 1992 Aunt Dimity

Ball, John In the Heat of the Night 1965 Virgil Tibbs

Barnard, Robert Death by Sheer Torture 1981 Perry Trethowan

Barr, Nevada Track of the Cat 1993 Anna Pigeon

Blake, Nicholas The Beast Must Die 1938 Nigel Strangeways
야수는 죽어야한다. 

Block, Lawrence When the Sacred Ginmill Closes 1986 Matthew Scudder

Brand, Christianna Green for Danger 1945 Inspector Cockrill
초록은 위험

Brown, Frederic The Fabulous Clipjoint 1947 Ed and Am Hunter

Buchan, John The Thirty-Nine Steps 1913 
 Burke, James Lee Black Cherry Blues 1989 Dave Robicheaux

Cain, James M. The Postman Always Rings Twice 1934
 우편배달부는 종을 2번 울린다 

Cannell, Dorothy The Thin Woman 1984 Ellie Haskell

Carr, John Dickson The Three Coffins 1935 Dr. Gideon Fell
 세개의 관

Caudwell, Sarah Thus Was Adonis Murdered 1981 Hilary Tamar

Chandler, Raymond The Big Sleep 1939 Philip Marlowe

Christie, Agatha The Murder of Roger Ackroyd 1926 Hercule Poirot
애크로이드 살인사건 

Connelly, Michael The Concrete Blonde 1994 Harry Bosch
 콘크리트 블론드

Constantine, K. C. The Man Who Liked Slow Tomatoes 1982 Mario Balzic

Crais, Robert The Monkey's Raincoat 1987 Elvis Cole
몽키스 레인코드 

Crispin, Edmund The Moving Toyshop 1946 Gervase Fen

Crombie, Deborah Dreaming of the Bones 1997 Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James

Crumley, James The Last Good Kiss 1978 C. W. Sughrue

Dickinson, Peter The Yellow Room Conspiracy 1994

Doyle, Arthur Conan The Hound of the Baskervilles 1901 Sherlock Holmes
배스커빌의 사냥개 

DuMaurier, Daphne Rebecca 1938
Dunning, John Booked to Die 1992 Cliff Janeway

Elkins, Aaron Old Bones 1987 Gideon Oliver

Evanovich, Janet One for the Money 1994 Stephanie Plum

Finney, Jack Time and Again 1970

Ford, G. M. Who in Hell is Wanda Fuca?  1995 Leo Waterman

Francis, Dick Whip Hand  1979 Sid Halley

Fremlin, Celia  The Hours Before Dawn 1959

George, Elizabeth A Great Deliverance 1988 Thomas Lynley
성스러운 살인 

Gilbert, Michael Smallbone Deceased 1950 Inspector Hazelrigg

Grafton, Sue “A” is for Alibi 1982 Kinsey Millhone

Graham, Caroline The Killings at Badger's Drift 1987 Tom Barnaby

Grimes, Martha The Man With the Load of Mischief 1981 Richard Jury

Hammett, Dashiell The Maltese Falcon 1930 Sam Spade
말타의 매

Hare, Cyril An English Murder 1951

Harris, Thomas The Silence of the Lambs 1988 Hannibal Lecter
양들의 침묵 

Hiaasen, Carl Tourist Season 1986

Highsmith, Patricia The Talented Mr. Ripley 1955 Tom Ripley

Hill, Reginald On Beulah Height 1998

Hillerman, Tony The Thief of Time 1988 Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee
시간의 도둑

Himes, Chester Cotton Comes to Harlem 1965 Grave Digger Jones and Coffin Ed Johnson

Innes, Michael Hamlet, Revenge! 1937 Inspector John Appleby

James, P. D. An Unsuitable Job for a Woman 1972 Cordelia Gray
여자에게 안어울리는 직업 

Kellerman, Faye The Ritual Bath 1986 Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus

Kellerman, Jonathan When the Bough Breaks 1985 Alex Delaware

King, Laurie The Beekeeper's Apprentice 1994 Mary Russell
셜록의 제자 

Langton, Jane Dark Nantucket Noon 1975 Homer Kelly

Le Carre, John The Spy Who Came in from the Cold 1963 George Smiley
추운지방에서 온 스파이 

Lee, Harper To Kill a Mockingbird 1960
앵무새 죽이기  

Lehane, Dennis Darkness, Take My Hand 1996 Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro

Leonard, Elmore Get Shorty 1990 Chili Palmer

Lochte, Dick Sleeping Dog 1985 Serendipity Dahlquist

Lovesey, Peter Rough Cider 2001

MacDonald, John The Deep Blue Good-by 1964 Travis McGee

MacDonald, Philip The List of Adrian Messenger 1959 Anthony Gethryn

MacDonald, Ross The Chill 1964 Lew Archer

Maron, Margaret Bootlegger's Daughter 1992 Deborah Knott

Marsh, Ngaio Death of a Peer 1940 Roderick Alleyn

McBain, Ed Sadie When She Died 1972 87th Precinct

McClure, James The Sunday Hangman 1977 Tromp Kramer

McCrumb, Sharyn If I Ever Return, Pretty Peggy-O 1990 Spencer Arrowood

Millar, Margaret Stranger in My Grave 1960
내무덤에 묻힌 사람

Mosley, Walter Devil in a Blue Dress 1990 Easy Rawlins

Muller, Marcia Edwin of the Iron Shoes 1977 Sharon McCone

Neel, Janet Death's Bright Angel 1988 John McLeish

O'Connell, Carol Mallory's Oracle 1994 Kathleen Mallory

Padgett, Abigail Child of Silence 1993 Barbara Joan "Bo" Bradley

Paretsky, Sara Deadlock 1984 V. I. Warshawski

Parker, Robert Looking for Rachel Wallace 1980 Spenser

Perez-Reverte, Arturo The Club Dumas 1997

Perry, Thomas Vanishing Act  1995 Jane Whitefield 


Peters, Elizabeth Crocodile on the Sandbank 1975 Amelia Peabody

Peters, Ellis One Corpse Too Many 1979 Brother Cadfael

Pronzini, Bill Blue Lonesome 1996
Queen, Ellery Cat of Many Tails 1949 Ellery Queen
아홉고양이 꼬리 

Rendell, Ruth No More Dying Then 1971 Reginald Wexford

Rice, Craig The Wrong Murder 1940 John J. Malone

Rinehart, Mary Roberts The Circular Staircase 1908

Robinson, Peter Blood at the Root 1997 Alan Banks

Rosen, Richard Strike Three You're Dead 1984 Harvey Blissberg

Sayers, Dorothy Murder Must Advertise 1933 Lord Peter Wimsey

Sjowall, Maj and Per Wahloo The Laughing Policeman 1970 Martin Beck

Stout, Rex  Some Buried Caesar 1939 Nero Wolfe

Tey, Josephine Brat Farrar 1949

Thomas, Ross Chinaman's Chance 1978 Artie Wu and Quincy Durant

Todd, Charles A Test of Wills 1996 Ian Rutledge 


Turow, Scott Presumed Innocent 1987

Upfield, Arthur The Sands of Windee 1931 "Bony" Bonaparte

Walters, Minette  The Ice House 1992

White, Randy Wayne Sanibel Flats 1990 Doc Ford

Woolrich, Cornell I Married a Dead Man 1948

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